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Saturday, November 6, 2010 11:21 AM
I know you may not get to see this but I have no choice but to write it here .
You wont know how much i miss sending you goodnight msg .
No words can ever describe how much im missing you right now .
I really want you by my side , spending each and every second with you .
Without you my heart is kinda like an icy empty coldbox .
All i wish for you to be doing well and sleeping well .
Though I may not be with you but the stars may represent me , guiding and accompany you every second .
Dont worry k ! I will be missing you every second cause im wearing the necklace everywhere I go , making me feel like you're just beside me all this while .
Everynight im hoping that you're sleeping well , doing well and hope have enough sleep .
Please do take care if not it would really hurt me alot if you're not doing so .
Hope you're sleeping well and taking care of yourself , no skipping of meals or i whack your butt ah !
All this request i request from you , hope it isnt too much .
Lui Jiaqi , I love you .

Friday, November 5, 2010 11:05 AM
If saying I miss you hurts so much , I would rather keep it to myself .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 1:22 AM
I treasure you for liking me for who I am, for all my imperfections and flaws.
Thank you for sharing your everything with me, your secrets and all.
Thank you for letting me into your life and into your tots.
Thank you for making me see things from a whole new perspective filled with fun and laughter.
Thank you for all the moments we share, memories that bring tears and smiles to my woody face.
Thank you for loving me and making me feel complete.
Thank you for bringing hope to my life and motivation for the future.
I will treasure you with all my heart, till death do us apart.
Thunder, lightning will not tear us apart.

Lui Jiaqi , I love you :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010 4:49 PM
Sorry if i cause any trouble

Sunday, February 28, 2010 12:00 AM
Why alvin so childish ?! why ar ?~
think too much liao ~

Saturday, February 27, 2010 4:24 PM
Woooo ~ Wolfman.
So scaryyyy ~
But its a movie that sucks so badly .
Though alot chua sai and gory part(thats why NC16 ma) , but the storyline is really cmi .
A guy name lawrence got bitten/scratch by his own dad who is also a wolfman .
But lawrence never die and he survived so he eventually turn into wolfman tadah ~
bla bla bla lawrence go around killing ppl because once full moon he turn into that dog ma.
Somemore he cannot control his dog power unlike twilight that guy .
and then bla bla bla lawrence wanna take back revenge for his mother and brother .
And the murderer is lawrence's father who is papa wolf.
So gina wolf killed papa wolf by burning papa wolf alive -_- .
Soon near to the end of the movie liao ma !
Gina wolf haven die right .
He dying soon liao , good thing must wait k~
Lastly , he got killed by his sister-in-law he tried to have sex with !
He thanks the sister-in-law for killing him , The end .
-_________________________- ?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:06 PM
Day 1 .
Did'nt sleep the night before cny because my papa asked me not too :( .
So i tahan tahan tahan till 7+am and i woke up at 11 in the morning .
Have to prepare everything to go bainian at my uncle's house .
Met up with all my cousins . Haiz most of them are alot older then me .
Got generation gap liao
Sad to say I only meet them once a year :( , they are welly friendly but got age gap reh ~.
Chat up with a few of them and two of my cousins ''exchange'' guitar skills .
After awhile , time to go home riao because they will be coming to jiak .
So when i reached home i fell asleep while waiting for them . Alamak
But lucky i woke an hour after they reached .
While waiting for dinner , my cousin piak dota wib my younger brother .
My other cousin chat wib me .
Hoho about dinner time riao , my nephew finally came .
He's only 1 and he knows how to point middle finger . AWESOME ~
He loves to scratch my face too :(
Time to jiak riao , but adults eat first cos not enough space for the ginnas to sit .
So we have to wait for them to finish
Anyway after dinner my mother went back to play mahjong with my aunts .
While we slowly slowly eat :( .
Eat till roughly 9+ 10 riao they need to go .
Means byebye to my cousin and most importantly my nephew :( ~ .
Soon after they left i bathe and went to bed .
The next pic got lobang or squidward's head . Anyway thats my uncle :xDay 2
Did nothing much but its my oldest brother birthday .
Happy birthday !!!! :D
Have to wake up early in the morning again .
Cause my parents book space at a dimsum restuarant .
The food there dam nice !
After eating went back home to cut cake .
Dont know why cut cake so early also lol .
After cut cake i went to sleep again .
Day 3 .
Wanted to sleep till late late but receive a msg by alan :( .
Woke me up and cant get back to sleep .
So i use comp till alan and all of them to reach my house .
Alan , Gia , David , Jianhao , Daryl And Pris came first .
Followed by Stan(just came back from malaysia oh ~ ) , Bjorn , Zegna and lastly sihui & katerine .
David wore a tuxedo to my house , cool or cool ?!
All of us played computer inside the room ,
and gay inside the room .
After awhile went downstair to play blackjack :( .
Lose money haiz .
Den after that dinner time riao , jiak finish went upstair to play blackjack again .
Lose again ~ Lost 10+ total ~
After that we took picture and webcam ~Gia brought a damn dualiap orange ! LOL , there's still leaves on it !The car i bought few days ago .Webcam ~Daryl ~Before dinner .DinnerAfter dinner ~I've got uninvited guest :(
Osama bin laden break into my house ! AHHHHHHHHHHHH
Joking rah :x